04 Feb 00 - Revision 7

A Walk-Through

This space exploration/trading/fighting game is absolutely outstanding in all respects except one - it's next to impossible to figure out what you're supposed to do and how to go about it. 
The manual is a beautiful graphic design (until you actually try to read it!), but ends up telling you next to nothing in three languages. 
This walk-through is designed to get you started - to cover the What, Why, and How that I think the manual should have included. "Winning" the game, whatever that means, is up to you.
This is still a work in progress (I'm somewhere in the middle of the second quest).  Please e-mail me with any corrections. additions, or criticisms.  And my thanks to the participants on the EgoSoft forum.  Without their help, I'd never have gotten out of Seizewell!

And thanks to Bo Pretzmann for making a home on his website.

by Dan Covill,  dcovill@san.rr.com   San Diego, USA

I recieved this walkthru to X-BTF by Dan Covill in plain text.
It has been converted into html, then it's possible to read without revealing to much.