Teladi      4-0T (CEO's Buckzoid)  5-1T (Seizewell)
Split       6-0S (Family Whi)      7-2S (Family Pride)
Boron       0-0B (Empire's End)    3-1B (Rolk's Fate)
Argon       0-4A (Red Light)       1-3A (Argon Prime)
                2-1A (Antigone Mmrl)   2-5A (Cloudbase SE)
Paranid     1-6P (Paranid Prime)   3-6P (Priest's Pity)
You can sell weapons ONLY at SEDs.  You can buy weapons at the manufacturing plants ONLY if you do not have any installed. You cannot buy/carry/sell weapons as cargo.


Located at:  5-5T, 7-3S, 3-2B, 1-5A, 3-6P
Some are not on the grid, you will have to hunt around for them. They look like Trading Stations on the display.
Engine Tuning    14,400, 32,400, 57,600, 90,000, 129,600, 176,400, 230,400, 291,600, 360,000,
                        435,600, 518,400, 608,400, 705,600, 810,000, 921,600,1,040k,  1,166k,  1,299k,
                        1,440k,  1,587k, 1,742k,  1,904k,  2,073k,  2,250k,  2,433k,...
Rudder Tuning    21,600, 38,400, 60,000, 86,400, 117,600, 153,600, 194,400, 240,000
You will need about 20 engine tuning for the end game. Rudder tuning much less, maybe 5?
(Opinion seems to be that too many rudder tunes makes the handling worse instead of better.)