Once your radar has locked on to a station, you can contact it for permission to land.  The answer is almost always affirmative. There are two problems:
      1. Where is the entrance lock?
      2. How far away are you?
Murphy's law says the entrance lock is on the other side of the station, and you'll have to fly past it and turn around.  You'll get used to some of the appearances after a while; at first all you can do is ask permission to land and see where the green lights appear.
(Tip) If you get docking permission more than 2 km out, it will almost certainly be aborted, and you'll have to repeat the contact.  So wait until you're within 2 km before asking permission to land.
(Tip) The docking port is usually on a busy surface, not on a large, smooth one.  Look for protube- rances, legs, etc.
You don't have to be terribly precise in your docking alignment - so long as your speed is below the green line and your aimed at the center of the door it will probably be ok.