When you start the game, you are given a set of training exercises to prepare for your initial test mission.  Do them carefully, they're not too hard and you need to get familiar with the controls.
Once you complete the training, you're ready for the first test jump.  There's a countdown, and then.....
   ***  TILT!  ***
... You're in a strange galaxy and a lizard-looking alien is mumbling something at you from a little window.  What do you do?
(Tip)  Press 'C' to get him to say something, then use the arrow keys to select your reply and press Enter to send it.
Talk to him as long as you can, and ask ALL the questions.
(Problem) One shortcoming of the game is that all the aliens sound like they're talking through a funnel, and there's no text display, so you'll end up asking "What did he say?" a lot. If your hearing, like mine, isn't quite what it used to be this can be a real problem.
This lizard guy (?) is a Teladi, and he's making you an offer you can't refuse.  He'll outfit your ship with what you need to trade in the Teladi worlds, and loan you 100 credits in cash.  In return, you have to pay him back 3,500 credits at some un-specified future time.
How do you get back to Earth?  Don't know, but maybe the Argons know.  Look out for Xenons - they're bad news.  Bye.